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Problems and Quizzes That Strengthen Math Skills

By Hy Kim. These "math cycles" present third and fourth grade math concepts in spiral fashion so that the concepts are first introduced, then reinforced, and finally extended. Each cycle comprises 12 problems on two reproducible worksheets, and the book provides 30 cycles appropriate for grade three and 30 more for grade four. Since the subject matter of each cycle targets one of the standards recommended by the National Council for Teachers of Math, the activities make excellent homework assignments. Six reproducible quizzes allow teachers to assess overall progress. Grades 3–4. Answer key. Illustrated. 8½" x 11". Good Year. 220 pages. ©2008.

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GDY498-WBGDY 9781596471412 Reproducible activity book $29.95
GDY498E-WBGDY Downloadable version (6.5 MB) $29.95

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