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Fun and Creative Problems for Kids

By James Riley, Marge Eberts, and Peggy Gisler. If a young giraffe can grow half an inch in an hour, how long would it take it to grow one foot? If you breathe 70,000 cubic inches of air each day, how long would you take to breathe all the air in a room ten feet by ten feet by ten feet? In baseball, the distance between bases is 90 feet, so how many miles did Ty Cobb run to score his record 2245 runs (a run is around all four bases)? Each of these two books presents 190 cartoon-illustrated word problems based on fascinating facts, everyday situations, and whimsical fantasies. Answers appear upside-down at the bottom of the page. Good Year. 192 pages each. ©2005.

Level 1 sample pages

Level 2 sample pages

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
GDY770-WBGDY COMPLETE SET: 2 paperbacks $19.90
GDY505-WBGDY 9781596470255 LEVEL 1 (grades 3–5) $9.95
GDY497-WBGDY 9781596473034 LEVEL 2 (grades 5–12) $9.95
GDY505E-WBGDY LEVEL 1: Downloadable version (2.1 MB) $9.95
GDY497E-WBGDY LEVEL 2: Downloadable version (2 MB) $9.95

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