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190 Brainteasers About the United States

By Arnold Cheyney. Build students' knowledge of American history with these fun, quick-answer questions. Examples include "John Chapman developed apple-tree nurseries throughout Ohio and Indiana for the benefit of early settlers. What was his nickname?" (Johnny Appleseed) "A committee headed by George Washington is believed to have asked a seamstress, Betsy Ross, to make the first U.S. flag with stars and stripes. How many stars and stripes were on the first flag?" (13 stars and 13 stripes, one for each of the original colonies) With 190 challenges—one for each day of the school year—the questions will spark both learning and fun. Grades 2–4. Illustrated. Good Year. 192 pages. ©2005.

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This Title is part of the Series: HISTORY CHALLENGE

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