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By Walter A. Hazen. Fascinating historical articles—four or five pages long, 11 in each book, and reproducible for easy distribution—summarize main points and deliver colorful, memorable details about major aspects of U.S. history. Following each illustrated article, three or four reproducible worksheets test comprehension and spark deeper engagement through creative writing, projects, research starters, critical thinking questions, what-if scenarios, and other activities. Topics: farming (cotton gin, steel plow, reaper, barbed wire, tractor), transportation (steamboat, airplane, automobile), communication (telegraph, typewriter, telephone), medicine (ether, iron lung, penicillin and streptomycin, polio vaccine), weaponry (submarine, revolver, Gatling gun, atomic bomb), business and industry (elevator, escalator, assembly line, computer), home appliances (sewing machine, washing machine, carpet sweeper and vacuum cleaner, light bulb, refrigerator, microwave oven), entertainment (phonograph, movies, television), consumers (plastic, frozen foods, aluminum foil, cellophane, nylon stockings), and technology (space travel). Grades 4–8. Suggested readings. Answer keys. 8½" x 11". Good Year.

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