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Developing Algebraic Reasoning

By Hope Martin. Grok patterns of smiley faces. Crank answers out of a "function machine." Solve Sudoku puzzles and "math jokes" (riddles students answer by solving problems). Balance a scale so the dominoes on one side match the dominoes on the other side. Correlated to NCTM and Common Core standards, hands-on activities and concrete manipulatives help students learn how to generalize math problems by using variables, seeing patterns and functions in concrete ways, and grasping the concept of equivalence (accomplished by the metaphor of balancing scales). The teacher book offers teaching procedures and reproducible worksheets; the student book conveniently binds one student's worksheets together. Grades K–5. Illustrated. 8½" x 11". Good Year. 139 pages. 2011 revised edition.

Sample pages from the teacher book

Sample pages from the student workbook

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GDY815-WBSCR COMPLETE SET: teacher book, student workbook $37.90
GDY465-WBSCR 9781596471269 Teacher book $24.95
GDY602-WBSCR 9781596472730 Student workbook $12.95
GDY465E-WBSCR Teacher book: downloadable version (11.4 MB) $24.95
GDY602E-WBSCR Student workbook: downloadable version (10 MB) $12.95