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Since 1973, Good Year Books has published high-quality resources for educators, parents, and kids. Nurturing all kinds of interests—baseball, trivia, creative writing, science, geography, arts and crafts, and many more—while challenging students with inquiry-based learning methods is at the core of our mission.

We strive to create products that help students develop skills beyond mere memorization, encouraging them to think critically and ask questions about the material in front of them. Because our authors have valuable, extensive experience in teaching and educational researching, our products offer pedagogically sound, imaginative, and relevant ways to capture and sustain students’ interest during the learning process.

In 2010, Good Year Books became a division of Social Studies School Service. Founded in 1965, we take great pride in our company's wealth of experience providing challenging and inspiring tools for educators. We fully stand behind our selections with our Absolute Guarantee and welcome feedback on how we can meet your evolving needs.

We encourage you to visit our other divisions. Find history, geography, and other social studies materials at Social Studies School Service and Nystrom Education; active learning materials at Interact; writing, literature, and language arts materials at The Writing Company; guidance materials at School Counselor Resources; or health materials at Classroom Health Resources.

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